Phuket Go-Go Bars

Phuket’s sleazy side tempts curious visitors with all kinds of adult entertainment, including plenty of go-go bars (or a-go-go bars as they are sometimes known in Thailand), which feature scantily clad and even naked women dancing provocatively to cheesy pop music, and occasionally some sexy (or simply bizarre) shows and special dance routines. Go-go bars are slightly different to the traditional beer bars, as they are usually behind closed doors and may also charge an entrance fee. The best ones have the very sexiest, slimmest and most desirable girls, usually more so than the beer bars, but they also command the highest prices. Clubs further away from the main areas tend to have older and less attractive girls, which can be a rather sorrowful sight.

Phuket has far fewer go-go bars than Pattaya and Bangkok, with the majority found clustered around Patong Beach and Soi Sea Dragon in particular. Nevertheless, it’s simple to find one as the girls outside always try to pull in passing customers. Just explore the small lanes near Bangla Road and you’ll find a dozen or so go-go bars, which can be highly entertaining and are a strongly recommended experience for any visitor to Phuket.

“Come Inside”

Phuket Go Go BarsAt most go-go bars in Phuket, you can just walk straight in without paying an entrance fee. Various sexy women hang around outside to entice you in, and will usually let you have a quick glimpse behind the curtain first, to see if you’d like to stay. Inside, most have a fairly standard layout consisting of a small circular stage with dozens of metal poles, and stools set around the main stage for customers that want to get up close. Further towards the back are more tables and comfy seats, which is a good vantage point especially if you don’t wish to be noticed.

Upon entering, patrons are showed to a table where they can get a good view of the action, which consists of attractive (and sometimes less so) girls in tiny bikinis and high heels strutting around onstage and gyrating to the music. Some girls seem to really enjoy themselves and the atmosphere can be lively and fun, but others may be quite unenthusiastic and even look quite bored. It all depends on the bar, the girls, the time of night, and how many tips they’ve earned. A few go-go bars even have ladyboys onstage, but you might be hard pushed to tell them apart from the real girls.

Every go-go bar’s sole aim is to make money from the male (and sometimes female) clientele. Consequently drinks prices can be very high (150 baht for a coke is not uncommon), but many will do a cheap small draft beer for a more reasonable 80 or 100 baht. If you fail to be specific, you’ll probably be charged for the expensive bottled drinks.

Many of the girls onstage wear a distinctive numbered badge, and if you like any in particular you can request that she sits with you in between dances. At this point, the mamasan will usually approach and ask you to buy her a more expensive lady drink. Also, whenever your glass is empty the staff are quick off the mark and will prompt you to buy another; after all, it doesn’t pay to have customers ogling the girls but not buying drinks.

The Full Monty

Go-go bars are not strictly allowed to have full nudity on show, but this doesn’t seem to dissuade them much; in many bars the girls will either be topless or even completely naked. Compared with the beer bars, where everything is quite open and publicly on show, the go-go bars tend to be darker and much more private. This means that customers can be a little more hands on with the dancers sat next to them. In some places, almost anything will be conveniently overlooked by the staff, as the girls in various states of undress sit and gyrate on the customers, sometimes to the obvious disbelief of onlookers.

For those that wish, it’s possible to pay the bar fine and take the girl home, and many go-go bars will have “short time” rooms upstairs where you can enjoy her company in a more private setting (but those that don’t will always know where there is one nearby). Typical bar fines in Phuket’s go-go bars are around 500 or 600 baht, and the extra services can be anywhere from 1000 baht to 3000 baht or even higher, depending on how sexy the girl is and how much she likes you.

The Shows

Go-go bars like to vary the usual monotonous pole dances with more erotic and original shows to spice things up, which may even include some audience participation. These tend to include specially choreographed routines with sexy costumes or themes. Typical examples include lesbian performances with two or more girls, as well as the perennial favourite, but clichéd, ping pong shows. An entertaining variation on this is the dart routine, where members of the audience hold up large balloons, and the performer fires darts to burst them. It’s quite a spectacular experience, and the look of astonishment on the customers’ faces is priceless.

Some go-go’s feature naked girls playing together in soapy bathtubs, and they will try hard to get somebody from the audience to join in with them. Not all venues have such whacky or raunchy shows, but those that do seem to attract more customers and it makes a far more interesting experience.

Go-Go Bars in Phuket

From our extensive research, here’s a selection of the most popular go-go bars in Phuket. Most open around 9pm or 10pm and close late on.

Candy Club A Go-Go
Candy is a fairly new and modern go-go in Soi Sea Dragon, next door to XTC.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

Club XTC A Go-Go
One of the newest go-go bars in Sea Dragon, XTC has a small stage with shows every 30 minutes or so. There is a VIP area upstairs where you can get more intimate with the girls. No entrance fee.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

Devil’s Playground A Go-Go
The first thing you’ll notice about the ever popular Devil’s Playground is the amazing cave themed entrance design, which extends to the interior décor with even more gargoyles and atmospheric lighting. It’s much bigger than most go-go bars, with raised platforms and different levels. All the girls are appropriately dressed as either sexy devils or angels.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

Diablo A Go-Go
Diablo is a small venue compared with most, and only has a few girls onstage at a time. There is no entrance fee, and typical drinks cost around 120 baht.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

The exterior design looks original and stylish, but disappointingly the inside resembles every other go-go bar. There is a bath onstage, and of course poles to dance around.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

Money Night A Go-Go
Money Night is quite unique. The drinks prices are simply extortionate but once inside you’ll realise that this busy place is a little different to the others. Without doubt the highlight is the unbelievable shows which include incredible insertions of fish, snakes, birds, ping pong balls, darts, toads, and razors; just about everything you can imagine, and one experience that you’ll not forget in a hurry.

Where: Soi Vegas, Patong

Moulin Rouge
For anyone that likes blonde Russian girls, this is definitely the place to go. Drinks prices are high and the girls expect some serious tips. Perhaps there’s a Thai equivalent of this club in Moscow?

Where: Soi Vegas, Patong

Play School A Go-Go
Play School has been around a long time, but doesn’t really have much to distinguish it from the other go-go bars. There is no entrance fee, and as expected there is a small stage with poles.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

Rock Hard A Go-Go
Visible from the street on Bangla Road, the second floor Rock Hard is one of the longest running go-go bars with two stages. Nothing special, but the girls tend to be very attractive.

Where: Bangla Road, Patong

Roxy A Go-Go
Roxy is one of the largest and most popular venues with two stages on split levels. It features enthusiastic pole dancing by quite attractive girls, as well as regular shows.

Where: Soi Vegas, Patong

Suzy Wong’s
Suzy Wong’s is probably the most well known go-go bar in Patong, with a delightful and appropriate catchphrase of “ass smacking fun”. The question is, will you be a smacker or a smackee? The girls love to spank the customers enthusiastically with harmless foam batons, which is a highly entertaining sight especially when it’s done to some unsuspecting tourists. There is no cover charge.

Where: Soi Sea Dragon, Patong

The Secret
Located at the back of Soi Easy, The Secret is an upscale and classy go-go bar that specialises in professional stage shows and features some very beautiful women. It’s a bit pricy, but the girls are much more attractive than at most bars. The nightly erotic shows include catwalk style parades and a convincing lesbian show. One of the few bars that even has a website!

Where: Soi Easy, Patong

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